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My professional goals involve taking full advantage of the skills that God has given me, and focus those skills on providing for clients products and services of only the highest integrity. It is my sincere intention that with the products and services that I deliver, my clients can go about their investment planning with assurance and peace of mind.

Since 1983, I have held the title of registered professional in the securities business. I have held a seat on the board of numerous public and private companies, and currently hold the post of President and General partner of Safe Harbor Capital Management and of HarborLight Capital Management, LLC. Concurrently, I have served as EVP of Capital Markets at GunnAllen Financial in Tampa, Florida since December 2004.

I grew up in a close-knit rural community in northwestern New Jersey, where I first began my dedication to competitive sports. Through my athleticism I won scholarships, awards, and a taste for competition. My competitiveness led me to achieve great things in business, putting myself through Princeton by working four jobs, where I graduated with honors. I ran the Boston office for S.G. Warburg four months before my graduation from Harvard Business School. I went on after graduation to start my own fund-of-hedge funds business in 1999, and have recently accepted a post at GunnAllen Financial in Tampa, Florida. My non-work-related passions in life are my wife, my kids, my church, fitness, and travel.

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